Neopets Treasure Keepers

Play Lead Flash Engineer for, 2011 Neopets Treasure Keepers is a fun isometric game where your avatar manages a shop. You will have to go in dangerous adventure to find precious items to sell to your customers. The game board contains many cards inspired to the Neopets game. Software and third party APIs used:  Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3, FlashDevelop

Neopets Treasure Keepers

MeteorGames – Neopets Treasure Keepers

Lead Flash Engineer, Neopets Treasure Keepers Meteor Games, Beverly Hills, CA, USA, 2011 I lead the team of Flash engineers to create a framework in AS3 to support this game. The game was sponsored by Viacom and has had a good success amongst other Facebook games. My job for this position was to create a framework, together with other 5 Flash and 3 PHP Developers, able to sustain and scale this particular game. The game was designed in house by MeteorGames.