Create a cross platform game with Cocos2DX and C++

If you like to code in C++ and you are interested in building a cross platform game, there is a library out there you can use, it is called Cocos2DX. The cool thing about it is that “theoretically” you write the code once and it should work on any platform… In practice it gets a little complicated, but with a bit of stubbornness anything is possible. There is a big list of games already using it and I guess now one of the most famous is Hero Academy (which I am not sure why they have not released on Android), also Glu mobile seems to like using it. You will not be able to find huge amounts of tutorials online, and the official website is confusing at best, although there is one that is pretty… [Read more »]


Universal Battle

Play Self-sponsored, 2010 I created the idea, graphic and engine of this multiplayer/social table war game with ActionScript3, PHP and C#. The multiplayer system has been built over the Player.IO API using both C# and AS3. Users can save their own armies and maps over the site thanks to the MySQL database and also share the code with other friends. Using this game people have been already playing many tournaments of games like Warhammer, Lord of rings and Dungeons and Dragons. Software and third party APIs used:  Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3, PHP, MySQL, C#, Player.IO

Universal Battle