Adobe Game Jam – San Francisco October 2012

Saturday 20 October 2012 I attended the Adobe Game Jam with a group of other people from my company.   It was the first of, I hope, a long series organized by Tom Krcha and Lee Brimelow at Adobe. We got the theme of the game 3 days before the event started, it was decided it to be “San Francisco“. We arrived there a little late since we had to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco and our plane got delayed, at our arrival everyone was pretty much already there. Each team had to have a maximum size of 5 people, we were already 5 (3 programmers and 2 artists), so we started immediately to brainstorm about possible game ideas, we knew we didn’t have too much time, we… [Read more »]

Alacatraz Roller Escape

Stuff Flash artists should NOT do

People that worked with me knows that I kinda freak out when I notice that an artist is doing any of the below-listed things. Following this small little rules can help your relationship with the engineering department and can also make you look cool! The list Do not use Groups Actually remove the letter G from your keyboard otherwise that easy appealing CTRL+G will always tempt you. Using groups always leads to uncontrolled agglomerates of drawings all over the place, instead symbolize them, that way you have them in the library, and you can also reuse them. Done that you are already far ahead of the rest of your crew that didn’t read this. Don’t draw twice the same stuff This is where rule number 1 comes handy, instead use a movie… [Read more »]