Air Android/iOS – Launch your App from the browser

Adobe Air gives you the opportunity on iOS and Android to create a personal URL that if called from a normal browser will launch your app instead.
This is particularly useful if you are redirecting your users from your App to a website, and then you want them to return on your App after they have completed a particular operation.

The cool part is that if you are listening for the INVOKE event on your App you can also catch some arguments that the website is sending back.

How to do it

Lets say your personal URL is “awesomeapp“, every time you use that name instead of the usual “http” it will open your App.
For example, if you write “” in a browser, it will redirect to the Google page, instead if you write “awesomeapp://optionalArguments” it will launch your App.

Example Link

The Application XML

The following XML contains both Android and iOS solutions, simply copy paste it in your Application XML before to package your Air App.

7 thoughts on “Air Android/iOS – Launch your App from the browser

  • Alex

    Hi, I have this working on iOS but can’t get it to work on Android. Is there anything special I need to do? When I email a link launch the app I just get the text “launch the app” not a link. It’s very annoying, please help!

  • Adrian S

    Works great from browser, but do you happen to know how you can do this form inside an app?

    navigateToURL(new URLRequest(“awesomeapp://”));

    This works great on iOS but on Android I get a ‘Security Sandbox Violation’.

  • xavier

    Hi, great tutorial !
    However i have an issue with passing arguments to my app (from an url provided by email).
    With exactly the same code, it seems that i can’t pass any numeric arguments.
    while sending awesomeapp://toto=12 the argument[0] catched by flash is awesomeapptoto.
    Could somebody help me ?

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