Adobe Game Jam – San Francisco October 2012

Saturday 20 October 2012 I attended the Adobe Game Jam with a group of other people from my company.

It was the first of, I hope, a long series organized by Tom Krcha and Lee Brimelow at Adobe.

We got the theme of the game 3 days before the event started, it was decided it to be “San Francisco“.
We arrived there a little late since we had to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco and our plane got delayed, at our arrival everyone was pretty much already there.
Each team had to have a maximum size of 5 people, we were already 5 (3 programmers and 2 artists), so we started immediately to brainstorm about possible game ideas, we knew we didn’t have too much time, we had 1 day to finish everything from start to end, so we wanted to focus on something funny with a simple game mechanic, at the same time we wanted to use some amazing libraries like Starling and Nape.

There were 3 categories to win:

  • Best Game
  • Best Art
  • Best Technology

And to the winners a 1 year Free Adobe Cloud subscription.

The Game

The idea for the game we picked was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing while making it, we decided the name of the game to be “Alcatraz Roller Escape“.
We envisioned it as the prequel of the movie “The Rock” with Sean Connery, we wanted to understand and recreate a possible scenario of him escaping from Alcatraz, the result of that became hilarious, and we sparked the votes that made us win Best Game, here is the game, click on the image to play it :)

We made the game not only playable in the browser but also on iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

The people there loved it 😀

The film grain effect was inspired by an experiment we found on, if you have never seen that site, I HIGHLY recommend to go check it out.

Few days ago I wrote a tutorial that describes how we made the physic component.

We wanted to add some funny scenes like, changing to different levels using a slow trolley to go up while the police chases you on another trolley.

And a pinball style metagame in Lombard street, although we didn’t have enough time.

This is a video made by Adobe at the event.

We had a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to do this again, thank you Adobe for the opportunity.

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