About me

I have always had a passion for building things, one of my first video games was made with Klik&Play game maker, it was 1994 and it made me fall in love with the process. Over the years I researched other languages and better software to develop and started to pick up 3DStudio MAX and Lightwave3D to make my own models.

I think a game is not just interactive software, it is fundamentally art conveyed through the user with fun and smooth mechanics. Materializing that vision into something tangible is what I love the most, especially doing that while working with a great team.
I like to be a combative leader, sharing the front row with a clear vision of the path.
I started building games for PC, then I moved to casual and social games for browsers and then mobile. Now when I build a game I always keep a cross-platform mentality.

I always try to cover many game mechanics, solving problems on both the frontend and the backend. I have been leading large teams, small teams or sometimes working by myself. Some of the games and companies I have worked for are mentioned in my Portfolio.



Unity3D, C#, JavaScript, Java, AS3, PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML/XHTML, Obj-C, Unity, Flash, Air, Android, iOS.

  • 10+ years experience in video game development.
  • Strong knowledge and passion for video game mechanics.
  • Collaborative and Team-oriented mentality.


What I like to work on:

Managing the development team for a mobile game on Android and iOS and architect a framework to support the game.

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