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Adobe Game Jam – San Francisco October 2012

Saturday 20 October 2012 I attended the Adobe Game Jam with a group of other people from my company.   It was the first of, I hope, a long series organized by Tom Krcha and Lee Brimelow at Adobe. We got the theme of the game 3 days before the event started, it was decided it to be “San Francisco“. We arrived there a little late since we had to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco and our plane got delayed, at our arrival everyone was pretty much already there. Each team had to have a maximum size of 5 people, we were already 5 (3 programmers and 2 artists), so we started immediately to brainstorm about possible game ideas, we knew we didn’t have too much time, we… [Read more »]

Alacatraz Roller Escape

Create an infinite scrolling world with Starling and Nape

Many of you have probably used Box2D to make physic games, although for a few years I have been using Nape. Nape is much faster and optimized than Box2D, and finally has an API that makes sense. It is also updated frequently and the author, Luca Deltodesco, is a great guy. In this tutorial I want to show you how easy it is to create an infinite scrolling physic world using Nape and Starling, so you can not only leverage the speed of Stage3D, but also the amazing performance of this physic engine. This is what the final result will look like (click to play it): In this example the camera is fixed on the Player and the terrain is made of slices. You can change the width of the… [Read more »]

Nape Physic