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Build an App for iPhone or iPad with FlashDevelop

This guide contains the essential steps to build an App for iOS using FlashDevelop and Windows, I will not stop trying to explain what I am doing or why I am doing it, sometimes it gets so obscure that I don’t even know, just do it and it will work…. hopefully. Of course before you even start reading this make sure to pay the $99 fee to the Apple bloodsuckers to become an iOS developer. Let’s Start InstallĀ OpenSSLĀ for Windows. Create a new project with FlashDevelop selecting AIR Mobile AS3 App Open CMD (Start, serach program cmd) and execute the following commands: cd C:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin (or wherever path you installed OpenSSL) set OPENSSL_CONF=c:\OpenSSL-Win32\bin\openssl.cfg set RANDFILE=.rnd openssl genrsa -passout pass:fd -out mykey.key 2048 openssl req -new -key mykey.key -out CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest -subj “/, CN=Your… [Read more »]


How to rotate many MovieClips on the same external point using Matrix in AS3

We will use Matrix for this, it is a little bit more code to write, but the result is the best you can get. This way you can create an array of objects you want to rotate around a point, also you need to create an array of matrix transforms every time you start the rotation, this way you wont have any error. In this exampe I have 5 objects (a,b,c,d,e), and i want to rotate all of them on the given point p.-break here-

And this is the result: