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Game Developer, Dynamic Systems King.Com, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 I created the idea, graphic and engine of this puzzle/physic game with ActionScript3 using Adobe Flash and Photoshop. The game includes a level editor where people can design their own levels and share it with friends. The game was sold with a primary license to The game got 5 millions plays the first 3 months it was released.

Dynamic Systems

Tahiti Hidden Pearls

Play Programmed for Next Gamez, 2009 Discover the secret of the Tahiti Hidden Pearls. Seek and find hidden items and solve puzzles to get one step closer to uncovering the legend of the pearls. Sharp eyes are needed to find the hidden pearls but a clear mind will help you uncover the legend behind the Tahiti Pearls. Use your mouse to find things that are written on the list. If you find 4 pearls you gain a new hint. Software and third party APIs used: Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3, Adobe Photoshop, Zinc

Tahiti Hidden Pearls